Mobility 2050

Tuesday 12th November 2019

We’re asking techies, entrepreneurs and start-ups to join us to analyse challenges and opportunities that future mobility has to offer.

Future mobility

How will mobility change in the future? What alternative mobility options will we be exposed to? We are going towards a more self-sufficient, electric and shared concept.

In this case, what is the future of public transport and how is it being managed?

Self-sufficient and shared mobility

Transport users combine both forms indistinctively. How do we manage data to guarantee a better customer experience?

Corporate mobility

How do can we improve commuting time to comply with? What vision do big corporations have? What are employees demands for having an easier commute? What limitations are they finding? Are there any shared and self-sufficient mobility options available beyond city centres?

These are a few of the topics our speakers will be covering, they will also be going over most recent market solutions, and how technology is contributing towards change.

When the event has concluded you will be able to exchange your thoughts with our panellists throughout our networking session. We can’t wait to meet you!

Speakers are still to be confirmed.


Activity schedule is as follows:

9.00h – 9.10h


9.10h – 9.55h

Round table

9.55h – 10.30h

Q&A and closing

10.30h – 11.30h

Networking session


Why you should attend?

We will be debating current mobility challenges, solutions and different collaborations between stakeholders to evaluate if customers are being heard. We will also be identifying customer needs on an individual and corporate scale and will encounter customer needs beyond the city centre.

It is a great opportunity to understand key initiatives in our field, and to identify new business opportunities.


Target audience

This event is aimed to entrepreneurs, start-ups, data-scientists, mobility experts, engineering students, urban developers…


If you have any further questions regarding this event, please don’t hesitate to contact Nuria Palma:


Tel. (+34) 625 361 917