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WHAT DOES THIS RELATIONSHIP LOOK LIKE?   Another interesting topic around startups is how they interact with large corporations.   Possibly one of the biggest conclusions is that this type of relationship is very well received, as 8 out of 10 startups have some kind of relationship with a big corporation. These range from a […]

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Enhance Experience in Coworking Spaces with IoT Technologies

There is an emerging concept of work and the workplace. Coworking spaces now bring together an extensive network of talent from all sectors and across generations. The cross-generation work style brings new opportunities and opens coworking to more people than ever before, from the business-oriented Millenials to the qualified Generation Y.     So what’s […]

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We have defined five different sources of financing; (i) equity, (ii) BA & Crowdfunding, (iii) financing rounds, (iv) public financing or bank loans and (v) others. Our analysis shows that, depending on the state of the startup, it will leverage on one or other source of liquidity.     In the first phase, where the […]

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CBRE Receives FutureEdge 50 Award for SpaceSpot Digital Platform

CBRE has been named winner of a 2021 FutureEdge 50 Award from IDG’s CIO. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon organizations pushing the edge with new technologies to advance their business for the future.     CBRE received the award for SpaceSpot, a digital marketplace that guides small businesses through the process of identifying the best […]

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MAIN TECHNOLOGIES BY SERVICE   Our analysis shows the flexibility of emerging technologies. Thanks to them, entrepreneurs can integrate them with each other to generate extremely powerful solutions.     A clear example of this is the case of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are so versatile that they can be applied to the […]

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How can indoor air problems be identified and prevented?

Indoor climate problems can appear in buildings in many forms. Typically the research of indoor climate problems in a building starts from the user’s perception, in which case the problem has existed for a long time. In the worst case, users’ health has deteriorated, and the building has been damaged by malfunctioning, so it reduces […]

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TRENDS BY YEAR   The PropTech ecosystem has experienced annual growth of close to 150% on average in recent years. As indicated in the previous post, the office and residential products are the ones incorporating the highest number of startups (Graph 2). This positive tendency is partly driven by growth in the fields of space […]

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This report gathers information from over 800 European startups that are part of the CBRE PropTech ecosystem.   The analysis of the information, together with the knowledge acquired from the collaboration with dozens of startups over the last few years, has allowed CBRE PropTech to develop this report that seeks to understand the situation of […]

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Return to Life. How to reopen after the lockdown

What I’ve missed most about pre-covid life, particularly in the cold winter months is spending time with friends.   Sitting in a restaurant or in a bar, being at the office surrounded by people. Being able to meet in busy indoor places and not have to worry about safety. It’s all things I took for […]

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European Proptech Guide

AI, Big Data and IoT are the main technologies of the Proptech ecosystem to transform the Real Estate sector.     The Real Estate sector is in full technological transition, which has led to the emergence of solutions capable of attracting and bringing technology and innovation to this sector, through startups that are offering the […]

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