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IA, BigData e IoT, las principales tecnologías del ecosistema Proptech para transformar el sector inmobiliario   El sector inmobiliario se encuentra en plena transición tecnológica, lo cual ha propiciado la aparición de soluciones capaces de atraer y aportar tecnología e innovación a este sector, a través de startups que están ofreciendo la oportunidad de innovar […]

CBRE Proptech Team

2021: Trends in PropTech

At CBRE PropTech we have prepared 10 Trends to look out for in 2021, find them below:   1. Omnichannel Offices  We can expect to see workers moving freely between physical and digital spaces, in what is referred to as the phygital phenomenon. Workers will be able to choose if and when they go to […]

CBRE Proptech Team

PropTech: The moment of truth

In recent years, the PropTech sector has experienced exponential growth, not only in investment levels, with growth of over 550% since 2014, but also in the rise of new solutions and technologies. However, as always when we talk about innovation, it is important to differentiate those solutions that, despite being tremendously innovative and technologically very […]

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From gut feeling to data-driven decisions

How to use data to improve your Return to the office strategy   As a Facility Manager, building manager or owner you face one of the biggest challenges of this time. The office needs to be an appealing place to go back to and will serve different needs than before. So how do you make […]

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With a focus on user experience and satisfaction, CBRE, the number one international consulting and Real Estate services company, brings Host to the Spanish market, a pioneering platform in the management of workspaces, which places people at the centre, in a context in which the fluidity between the office and teleworking has been normalized.   […]

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Vivendea´s journey on digitizing new-build development

Picture the scene, the year 2013, Spain was awash with ghost towns of unfinished developments and I was frustrated by the lack of light at the end of the tunnel. I can still recall the cartoon (below) by El Roto that was published in El País around that time – I keep a copy of […]

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The Digitisation of Architecture As A Business

At the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ( in the United Kingdom, a survey with over 1,000 of its chartered members was conducted during the pandemic, evidencing the huge disruption of projects and the fragility of the architecture as a business: – 79% projects delayed – 37% projects cancelled   At the American Institute of Architects (AIA) […]

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How software and AI can improve the performance of your properties

Resolving incidents always causes a bit of a headache for commercial property managers. While tenants simply need the incident resolving as quickly as possible, property managers have to find the most effective way of making everyone happy and maximising the performance of their properties at the same time.   Managing properties with Artificial Intelligence   […]

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Reducing barriers to Homeownership

It is time to reduce bureaucracy and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of homeownership, and this global pandemic is currently accelerating this process. The desire to own a home is growing fast within our Millennial generation. It goes further than just wanting to stop wasting money on rent. The need to own […]

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The rise of iBuyers on the real estate market

Selling a home can be a complex and stressful process. In fact, according to the latest figures from the leading Spanish valuation firms, it takes an average of eight months to sell a home in Spain.   Before the arrival of iBuyers, there were only two ways to sell a home: either by directly managing […]

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