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IA, BigData e IoT, las principales tecnologías del ecosistema Proptech para transformar el sector inmobiliario   El sector inmobiliario se encuentra en plena transición tecnológica, lo cual ha propiciado la aparición de soluciones capaces de atraer y aportar tecnología e innovación a este sector, a través de startups que están ofreciendo la oportunidad de innovar […]

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While there is a lot of talk about 5G networks, 53 locations in Brandenburg still have no reliable mobile coverage. Facts like this show us that digitalisation is still far away from where many would like it to be. A similar parallel can be drawn for the real estate sector. The term “innovation” is gladly seen […]

CBRE Proptech Team

Cloud communications enables innovation in the post-pandemic real estate industry

For years, landlords, property managers, and agents have used digital solutions to streamline complex and previously offline processes, and now the COVID-19 pandemic has pressed real estate leaders to accelerate their digital transformation timeline.     It’s important, though, to recognize that these increased efforts shouldn’t just serve as a short-term investment in response to […]

CBRE Proptech Team

Why isn’t anybody bothered by the water consumption in their workplace?

I know, I know; who needs another concern with all the focus on cutting down carbon emissions because our polar bears are dying and sea levels are rising, right? Unfortunately, I have to add to the growing list of problems; our supply of fresh drinking water is rapidly drying up.   I remember very well […]

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PropTech: The moment of truth

In recent years, the PropTech sector has experienced exponential growth, not only in investment levels, with growth of over 550% since 2014, but also in the rise of new solutions and technologies. However, as always when we talk about innovation, it is important to differentiate those solutions that, despite being tremendously innovative and technologically very […]

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From gut feeling to data-driven decisions

How to use data to improve your Return to the office strategy   As a Facility Manager, building manager or owner you face one of the biggest challenges of this time. The office needs to be an appealing place to go back to and will serve different needs than before. So how do you make […]

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CBRE, primera compañía a nivel internacional en consultoría y servicios inmobiliarios, da un paso más en su apuesta por la digitalización aplicada al inmobiliario y por la sostenibilidad en las ciudades a través de la firma de un acuerdo de colaboración con QOOB, startup española que ofrece puntos de carga y almacenamiento de vehículos eléctricos […]

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Tecnología ‘contactless’, el futuro de los hoteles poscovid

Ni el sol ni la playa. Los principales reclamos para los turistas durante esta temporada de verano han sido la salud y la higiene. Hasta que se encuentre una vacuna el miedo a un posible contagio formará parte de nuestro equipaje. Y el sector hotelero, uno de los más perjudicados por el covid-19, se ha visto obligado a modificar […]

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How proptech aids European commercial property investment

You might think it would be easy for international investors to purchase European commercial property.   However, buyers have to overcome many obstacles to purchase commercial real estate in Europe – and the task has been made more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic.   But help is at hand, from innovators including Consorto, the […]

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The future of access control is the access to the future (of space management)

A man walks into an office. You should agree with me that this simple sentence may be the beginning of a multitude of different events. Let’s pick a specific point of view, the technology one: how did the man walk into the office? He may have walked in by opening a door with a key […]

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