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El sector PropTech se ha ido consolidando gracias a su inherente dinamismo e innovación. Este concepto redefine y optimiza cualquier actividad del sector inmobiliario, desde la aplicación del Big Data en las acciones inmobiliarias, hasta la realidad virtual, los edificios inteligentes o incluso la analítica predictiva.   En CBRE Proptech hemos elaborado una lista de […]

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CBRE PropTech is looking for the best startups that enhance the integration between physical and digital worlds.

CBRE Proptech has launched a competition that promotes digital talent capable of revolutionising the real estate sector through creative and innovative ideas. The challenge offers individuals or emerging companies the opportunity to present their projects while promoting them on the collaborative platform, which already has an ecosystem of more than 850 startups across Europe.   […]

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Facilities managers face 3 major challenges when putting people and places in sync: consistency, maintenance and revenue. Here’s the solution.     Today’s visitors expect high-quality information when they need it, delivered in a way that’s simple to digest. They expect this information to be always available and always helpful, in any format that suits them – […]

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La vuelta a oficinas y centros comerciales pasa por DIGITALIZARSE

Septiembre ha sido, es y será el mes de la vuelta al cole, momento en el que se inicia un nuevo curso, un nuevo periodo de aprendizaje, en el que vuelves a ver a algunos de tus viejos compañeros de clase y también conoces otros nuevos. Periodo de incertidumbre, reencuentro, aprendizaje, cambios y entusiasmo por […]

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Enhance Experience in Coworking Spaces with IoT Technologies

There is an emerging concept of work and the workplace. Coworking spaces now bring together an extensive network of talent from all sectors and across generations. The cross-generation work style brings new opportunities and opens coworking to more people than ever before, from the business-oriented Millenials to the qualified Generation Y.     So what’s […]

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A trend that has emerged with probably greater clarity than any other during the pandemic is the speed at which real estate companies around the world are embracing data. With digitization giving the industry access to more data than ever, there is a growing appetite for data strategy and data-driven decision making.     It […]

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How can indoor air problems be identified and prevented?

Indoor climate problems can appear in buildings in many forms. Typically the research of indoor climate problems in a building starts from the user’s perception, in which case the problem has existed for a long time. In the worst case, users’ health has deteriorated, and the building has been damaged by malfunctioning, so it reduces […]

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2021: Trends in PropTech

At CBRE PropTech we have prepared 10 Trends to look out for in 2021, find them below:   1. Omnichannel Offices  We can expect to see workers moving freely between physical and digital spaces, in what is referred to as the phygital phenomenon. Workers will be able to choose if and when they go to […]

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While there is a lot of talk about 5G networks, 53 locations in Brandenburg still have no reliable mobile coverage. Facts like this show us that digitalisation is still far away from where many would like it to be. A similar parallel can be drawn for the real estate sector. The term “innovation” is gladly seen […]

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Cloud communications enables innovation in the post-pandemic real estate industry

For years, landlords, property managers, and agents have used digital solutions to streamline complex and previously offline processes, and now the COVID-19 pandemic has pressed real estate leaders to accelerate their digital transformation timeline.     It’s important, though, to recognize that these increased efforts shouldn’t just serve as a short-term investment in response to […]

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