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When in May of this year a US real estate investment company bought all 112 properties in a new housing development outside Dublin, Ireland in order to rent them out, there was public uproar. Previously, the same company had acquired 4 developments tailored for student accommodation with a total of 1,200 bedrooms and hundreds of […]

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Real estate has been the largest market pending digitalisation, with many of its processes being done face to face, so it was no surprise that it was heavily hit by the coronavirus. The global pandemic came all of a sudden into our way of life: construction came to a standstill, visiting properties was unthinkable when […]

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Millennials & Institutional investors need each other

Yes, millennials and institutional investors have problems that could hardly be solved if they don’t work together.   Day in and day out, you can see articles about the home affordability crisis. Usually, they all show the same picture: prices are skyrocketing, salaries quite the contrary, and the Global Financial Crisis made banks increase their […]

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2021: Trends in PropTech

At CBRE PropTech we have prepared 10 Trends to look out for in 2021, find them below:   1. Omnichannel Offices  We can expect to see workers moving freely between physical and digital spaces, in what is referred to as the phygital phenomenon. Workers will be able to choose if and when they go to […]

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A Robot Will Print Your Next House

Okay, the first thing you should know is that it won’t look like the familiar brick box with a plastic Georgian door stuck on the front, the kind the volume builders tell us we all love so much, but equally it probably won’t come with multiple defects that take an eternity to fix. It may […]

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5 pruebas de que el Big Data es el gran aliado del Real Estate

Numerosos informes lanzados en los últimos tiempos hablan de cómo el Big Data se está convirtiendo en el mejor amigo del Real Estate. Gracias a la implantación y uso de esta tecnología, extraemos conclusiones a partir de miles de datos interconectados entre sí, los servicios que ofrecen las consultoras inmobiliarias, aparte de multiplicarse, han mejorado su calidad y eficiencia. Y […]

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Reducing barriers to Homeownership

It is time to reduce bureaucracy and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of homeownership, and this global pandemic is currently accelerating this process. The desire to own a home is growing fast within our Millennial generation. It goes further than just wanting to stop wasting money on rent. The need to own […]

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Objects connected to Bluetooth mesh networks in homes and all kinds of buildings

More and more objects are connected to our surroundings. The electronics of these objects often provide many possibilities, but they are especially powerful when they are interconnected with each other inside homes, offices and others communal areas. This can be done in several ways, some of which especially enable their integration in an easy, yet […]

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The transformation from product, to house, to home

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to conduct the largest housing experiment in history. We’ve spent days, weeks and months confined to our apartments, our houses and our homes. Suddenly, these spaces are no longer simply the place where we unwind after a long day in the office and where we spend our time when […]

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With the entire population under full lockdown, people can only leave their homes to travel to work and in the event of force majeure. As a result, it is no longer possible to conduct on-site property viewings, sign contracts in person, go to the notary’s office or attend meetings. That’s why it is more crucial […]

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