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Enhance Experience in Coworking Spaces with IoT Technologies

There is an emerging concept of work and the workplace. Coworking spaces now bring together an extensive network of talent from all sectors and across generations. The cross-generation work style brings new opportunities and opens coworking to more people than ever before, from the business-oriented Millenials to the qualified Generation Y.     So what’s […]

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How can indoor air problems be identified and prevented?

Indoor climate problems can appear in buildings in many forms. Typically the research of indoor climate problems in a building starts from the user’s perception, in which case the problem has existed for a long time. In the worst case, users’ health has deteriorated, and the building has been damaged by malfunctioning, so it reduces […]

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2021: Trends in PropTech

At CBRE PropTech we have prepared 10 Trends to look out for in 2021, find them below:   1. Omnichannel Offices  We can expect to see workers moving freely between physical and digital spaces, in what is referred to as the phygital phenomenon. Workers will be able to choose if and when they go to […]

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While there is a lot of talk about 5G networks, 53 locations in Brandenburg still have no reliable mobile coverage. Facts like this show us that digitalisation is still far away from where many would like it to be. A similar parallel can be drawn for the real estate sector. The term “innovation” is gladly seen […]

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A Robot Will Print Your Next House

Okay, the first thing you should know is that it won’t look like the familiar brick box with a plastic Georgian door stuck on the front, the kind the volume builders tell us we all love so much, but equally it probably won’t come with multiple defects that take an eternity to fix. It may […]

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Why isn’t anybody bothered by the water consumption in their workplace?

I know, I know; who needs another concern with all the focus on cutting down carbon emissions because our polar bears are dying and sea levels are rising, right? Unfortunately, I have to add to the growing list of problems; our supply of fresh drinking water is rapidly drying up.   I remember very well […]

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PropTech: The moment of truth

In recent years, the PropTech sector has experienced exponential growth, not only in investment levels, with growth of over 550% since 2014, but also in the rise of new solutions and technologies. However, as always when we talk about innovation, it is important to differentiate those solutions that, despite being tremendously innovative and technologically very […]

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CBRE, primera compañía a nivel internacional en consultoría y servicios inmobiliarios, da un paso más en su apuesta por la digitalización aplicada al inmobiliario y por la sostenibilidad en las ciudades a través de la firma de un acuerdo de colaboración con QOOB, startup española que ofrece puntos de carga y almacenamiento de vehículos eléctricos […]

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Tecnología ‘contactless’, el futuro de los hoteles poscovid

Ni el sol ni la playa. Los principales reclamos para los turistas durante esta temporada de verano han sido la salud y la higiene. Hasta que se encuentre una vacuna el miedo a un posible contagio formará parte de nuestro equipaje. Y el sector hotelero, uno de los más perjudicados por el covid-19, se ha visto obligado a modificar […]

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Digital adoption in buildings was a ‘nice to have’ – now it’s a ‘must have’

The ways in which we live and work have been challenged in every aspect by the rapid spread of COVID-19, with individuals, companies and governments quickly adapting to face new realities. The impact on commercial real estate may be economic in the short term, but, beyond that, there will be a shift to the very […]

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