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Real estate has been the largest market pending digitalisation, with many of its processes being done face to face, so it was no surprise that it was heavily hit by the coronavirus. The global pandemic came all of a sudden into our way of life: construction came to a standstill, visiting properties was unthinkable when […]

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Enhance Experience in Coworking Spaces with IoT Technologies

There is an emerging concept of work and the workplace. Coworking spaces now bring together an extensive network of talent from all sectors and across generations. The cross-generation work style brings new opportunities and opens coworking to more people than ever before, from the business-oriented Millenials to the qualified Generation Y.     So what’s […]

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BUSINESS VISION   Based on volumes, characteristics and trends, we have divided the main players of this report into five geographical areas; Nordic countries, British Isles, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. For reasons such as the existence of an established entrepreneurial ecosystem, a long-established tradition around the real estate sector and a high […]

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How can indoor air problems be identified and prevented?

Indoor climate problems can appear in buildings in many forms. Typically the research of indoor climate problems in a building starts from the user’s perception, in which case the problem has existed for a long time. In the worst case, users’ health has deteriorated, and the building has been damaged by malfunctioning, so it reduces […]

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2021: Trends in PropTech

At CBRE PropTech we have prepared 10 Trends to look out for in 2021, find them below:   1. Omnichannel Offices  We can expect to see workers moving freely between physical and digital spaces, in what is referred to as the phygital phenomenon. Workers will be able to choose if and when they go to […]

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One of the biggest challenges that COVID-19 has put in front of us is the lack of a clear roadmap to follow. In fact, navigating the pandemic is a bit like walking through a hall of mirrors, where nothing is quite what it seems. However, despite this uncertainty, there are those who have claimed that this […]

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CBRE, primera compañía a nivel internacional en consultoría y servicios inmobiliarios, da un paso más en su apuesta por la digitalización aplicada al inmobiliario y por la sostenibilidad en las ciudades a través de la firma de un acuerdo de colaboración con QOOB, startup española que ofrece puntos de carga y almacenamiento de vehículos eléctricos […]

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PropTech: Easing the impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

Over the last few years, Property and Technology have proven a winning combination. The creation of hundreds of new tech-based companies has brought efficiency and flexibility to the Real Estate sector via innovative solutions. Now, companies who have placed their trust in these solutions have the perfect opportunity to use them and take advantage of […]

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The future of mobility: sharing data among operators and creating a single payment method with passes

  Mobility is one of the main driving forces of the economy, with new technology revolutionising the way people move around cities. “As mobility changes, we must also adapt by altering the way we imagine our buildings, streets and cities. In short, mobility is having a direct impact on Real Estate”, says Rubén Galcerán, Director […]

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CBRE PropTech is looking for startups that meet some of the relevant topics for the Real Estate industry in the current situation and post Covid-19

Real Estate is now having to face the impact that the Covid-19 outbreak has had on society. New measures must for example now take into account the social distancing and the re-enforcing of health and wellbeing.       That’s why CBRE PropTech is launching a challenge looking for startups that can offer solutions that […]

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