Why you need to know your customer

Many agencies have started to use amalgamated customer data and amalgamated location data and as we know this leads to inaccuracies in your baseline data.  Camera technology does not allow you to communicate with your customers and GDPR shouldn’t send shockwaves through your organisation but should be encouraged to ensure compliance and engage with your customer in a compliant manner.


Each site is different and each set of retailers will need to be unique to your scheme.  Whats in the development is going to make it unique and the ability to create a community will allow great schemes to compete.


Limitless Insights provides a location aware data platform that connects location data to customer data.  Various technologies can be used for location from wi fi, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), location services within the app or even the earth’s magnetic field depending on the level of accuracy.  We can also ingest all sales data from any till system or link to till printers to ingest all sales data within a scheme. Allowing the agency to connect to their end customer in their scheme and engage in digital activities with total transparency to physical redemption.


For all new developments the integration of the location services and ability to read Epos data will be critical as Landlord and tenant move towards a shared services model with base level rents and sales tax on top.


General platforms wont work, amalgamated data won’t deliver and cameras cant communicate.


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