With a focus on user experience and satisfaction, CBRE, the number one international consulting and Real Estate services company, brings Host to the Spanish market, a pioneering platform in the management of workspaces, which places people at the centre, in a context in which the fluidity between the office and teleworking has been normalized.


Alfonso Galobart, CBRE Spain Vice-president, mentioned: “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for workspace managers, not only from the logistics point of view, but also from the perspective of designing initiatives that promote the feeling of belonging to a community in a context of social distance”. “In this sense, the office stops considering itself as a solely physical space but omnichannel: companies need their offices to also be enjoyed remotely, that employees feel close to each other despite the distance. This can now be achieved thanks to the experiential technology that Host offers”, he adds.


Through interactive applications based on hospitality intelligence, Host allows users to be at the centre of everything that happens in their workspace and to have the answers to the questions that may arise throughout their regular day. The platform, which is available in the form of a mobile application with an interface adapted to the user, provides information on which spaces in the building – whether common or private – are available for use and at what times. In addition, it allows users to manage access to their workstation without physical contact through contactless technology and to reserve meeting rooms, find a free table or locate other employees within the building simply with their mobile phone. Host also allows you to order food and drink to avoid waiting at lunchtime, as well as participate in internal activities, such as surveys, training or company events.


The strength of Host lies in the union of technology with experience management, all raised at a premium level,” Galobart highlights. “Both owners and tenants seek to differentiate themselves now more than ever: Host has received a high demand since its arrival in Spain in recent weeks, because offices are transformed to guarantee the satisfaction and productivity of the people who come to them to work”.


On the other hand, building managers will be able to know in greater detail the occupation of their spaces, accesses, the most common entry and exit times and the rate of influx, in addition to allowing cleaning and disinfection alerts in specific spaces like the kitchen or toilets. The platform combines the interaction between the employee and the building, easing their movement and preserving the safety of the environment.


Host is currently operating in more than 80 buildings managed by CBRE, including its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which implies a daily use by more than 58,000 people spread over more than 3.5 million square metres.

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