How software and AI can improve the performance of your properties

Resolving incidents always causes a bit of a headache for commercial property managers. While tenants simply need the incident resolving as quickly as possible, property managers have to find the most effective way of making everyone happy and maximising the performance of their properties at the same time.


Managing properties with Artificial Intelligence


Property management software that uses Artificial Intelligence can help property owners and managers to automate their processes and incident responses, customise their services and retain their tenants. This enhanced level of services not only saves them time, but also leads to increased revenues.


Managing commercial property with Artificial Intelligence allows managers to be in full control at all times. By using chatbots that provide automated incident management, tenants can make a note of their problem and have it solved efficiently and effectively, without needing to contact the property owner directly. Smart software can also provide the tenant with news, events and other services of interest, further strengthening tenant loyalty.


At the same time, property managers are relieved of repetitive tasks that can be easily automated, and benefit from an Artificial Intelligence control panel, where they receive job orders in real time and control analytics for gauging their client/supplier objectives. By reducing maintenance management times, they can focus on offering tailored services to help retain tenants and provide an improved customer experience – key to growing any business.

Also, thanks to AI, automated management software offers a competitive edge over other property management tools, as it is able to collect and analyse data on everything that happens in the property. As such, artificial intelligence gradually learns about the building and ultimately improves its performance.


Which services are most important when it comes to property management software?


Management software must be effective tools that reduce the workload of property managers and help to improve the overall experience for tenants. So how do I know which property management platform is the best? When it comes to choosing the right management software, here are a few key factors to bear in mind. It needs to:


  • Have an effective Artificial Intelligence chatbot system that can understand, filter and organise incidents and requests and offer a rapid response time.
  • Accelerate the digitalisation of the building to make management more effective.
  • Be able to collect data and create dashboards in order to improve work processes and monitor clients effectively and easily.
  • Include flexible, customised modules that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each property manager.
  • Allow for marketplaces where value-add services can be offered.
  • Feature a calendar for easily managing the events and reservations.
  • And of course, it needs to be integrated into Apps for iOS and Android so that tenants can easily download it.


Now that you know the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence software for property management, how do you think it could help you improve the performance of your properties?


Javier Sánchez-Marco