The rise of iBuyers on the real estate market

Selling a home can be a complex and stressful process. In fact, according to the latest figures from the leading Spanish valuation firms, it takes an average of eight months to sell a home in Spain.


Before the arrival of iBuyers, there were only two ways to sell a home: either by directly managing the sale yourself (taking your own photos of the property, uploading adverts to marketplaces, negotiating with any prospective buyers, finding a notary public…) or by hiring a real estate agency and paying the corresponding commission.


The problem is, neither of these options could guarantee when the home would be sold or what the end price would be. iBuyers offers the answers to both these questions, speeding up the whole sales process and making it easier and more transparent.


What is an iBuyer?


An iBuyer is a company that directly purchases homes, providing owners with immediate cash and reducing the whole sales process from several months down to a matter of days. Saving both time and money, this technology is the best alternative for homeowners.


The advantages of selling to an iBuyer:


  • Ibuyers provide an instant injection of liquidity, ideal for homeowners looking for a hassle-free sale.
  • No commissions or fees for any of their services.
  • No need to negotiate with prospective buyers, as the company makes an initial offer within just 24 hours and directly buys the home within seven days.
  • They take care of all the paperwork so the owner has nothing to worry about – they simply have to go to the notary public to sign and collect their payment.


Alicia Vicente – COO Clikalia


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