How can big corporates and startups work together

New Open Innovation models are the latest trend among future-oriented companies, who are driven by technology and are seeking new disruptive business models applicable to today’s market.


Creating a successful partnership between big business and startups


Heptasense, the winner of the Impact Startup category at the 3rd edition of CBRE’s PropTech Challenge, has demonstrated that large firms and startups can work together. Their solution uses CCTV software to understand how people behave within spaces and buildings, and it clearly demonstrates that the initiatives underway in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can lead to major firms being truly innovative.


Boosting innovation by collaborating with this ecosystem is more than just a passing fad: it has become a crucial step for companies wanting to remain relevant in the digital era.


Bringing players together: a winning strategy


Startups stand out for their agility, flexibility and personal approach, with innovation being at the core of everything they do. This direct relationship allows startups to gain an up-close understanding of what the market needs.


On the other hand, major corporations benefit from a vast network of clients, resources and know-how – in other words, they have a great deal of business experience.


The key to innovating fast: collaboration


By teaming up with a big corporate, startups can tap into the resources that they need to scale up their business, as well as gaining market access, funding and client relations. In turn, this gives major firms the chance to explore new lines of innovation and develop products and/or services and new business models, as well as gain access to fresh ideas. In other words, it’s a win-win for everybody.





CBRE is therefore constantly exploring new relations with small firms who they can help to grow, while at the same time receiving help to tackle specific challenges in the industry.


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Open innovation is a global trend that is transforming the way that large firms work in order to continue to be efficient, competitive and attractive to their clients, offering new products and services and different ways of doing business.



CBRE PropTech Team