Proptech killed the Real Estate star (7 reasons)

Real Estate is like the blood that circulates through the body. Currently the heart is stopped and must be revived. Only PropTech (Real Estate Technology) can quickly revive it. Time has always been important, now it’s vital.


Real Estate change is not soon. It’s now.



  1. Traditional “Push” strategy is now in the past. PropTech “Pull” strategy is more effective


The customer is not looking for a property but for “his” property. We can still find promotional 4-minute-long videos. But does anyone watch the full video?


Why do we mostly still find videos in horizontal, when we know that 90% of viewers watch from their mobile devices? Why do people hardly ever appear in apartment videos? Is it forbidden?


PropTech Tags: 59 second videos / Vertical Format / People can appear in a video



  1. PropTech offers relevant information in real time


PropTech is synonymous to data. An example: if we want to optimize an advertising campaign it is interesting to know the use of each of the social networks by country. Associate it with budget, age, tastes, etc. Why spend more money on advertising than you should?



  1. PropTech uses all three communication channels: visual, auditory and kinesthetic


People receive information through three channels, although one of those is usually the predominant one. If we want to communicate we must correctly discover the predominant channel in each customer. Visual people like pictures, Auditory people like to read, and kinesthetic people like videos.


Technology allows us to identify the predominant channel in each customer by analysing the words used by the customer in conversations, body movements in video conferences, heat maps in landings customized for each customer, etc.



  1. PropTech will only be PropTech when using Fintech and Legaltech



But these technological advances are not only important to facilitate the sales process. Selling a property is a process in which the dopamine hormone plays a crucial role. The sale decision made by the customer needs reliable information, on his mobile, and in real time, otherwise the dopamine disappears, and therefore the sale.



  1. PropTech companies will surpass traditional Real Estate sales


It has already happened in the tourism sector. Airbnb already outperforms the rest. Traditional companies try to implement these new technologies, but they are slow. Opposition to change is very strong.


The new scenario due to the Covid-19 will make these changes not progressive, they will be disruptive.



  1. PropTech can sell worldwide to people from all over the world



  1. PropTech companies can know consumer buying power in real-time


Determining the customer’s budget in real time is essential to avoid unnecessary marketing expenses. This is an example that we have obtained from our Big Data. We know where to invest according to property sale price.



Santiago Cabezas-Castellanos

CEO – Datacasas Proptech

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