How transparent are the reports you get on your buildings’ performance? Have you ever questioned how that report was composed and which data was used (or left behind)? You want to rely on the information that is provided, but what if that has been biased or incomplete? Have you always trusted every report that is provided to you?


In this new era of digital buildings more and more information is becoming available. We’re finally realizing we’re sitting on a pile of information, but don’t know yet how to fully use it to our benefit. Existing data from a BMS (Building Management System), but also data from (IoT) sensors telling us about the occupancy in buildings, indoor climate levels, noise, cleaning routines.


It can tell a lot, but, it needs to be transparent.


For example, if you want to know the performance of the HVAC equipment you can use the data out the BMS. You can ask your maintenance contractor to provide an overview of last months alarms and if you’re lucky you’ll get an overview which showed the number of alarms and the severity. Perhaps even the time the alarm was on and how many times the same alarm keeps popping up.




But is it transparent? To rely on the data/reports provided two things come in place:


  • The first is a human factor: Trust.

You rely on the relationship you have with your supplier to provide you the information requested. That’s good, that makes our world human.


  • The second one is the limitations of the source/system:

Make sure systems are in place that are fully transparent about the information they use:

1. Where does it come from

2. What did we do with it? (for example: what are the limitations of analyses)

3. How do we present it? (what information is valuable for who?)


In other words: standardize the way you automatically collect, use and present that data and be transparent about these steps. Understanding and trusting the system through it’s transparency in combination with the trust in your supplier will be the way forward.


What will this transparency bring?


Full transparency will open up new insights, it will make scalable solutions available, and will set the tone for new business models, based on performance, information and trust.


Sebastiaan Jager

R8tech Netherlands Area Manager