Ana Villanueva’s experience as an entrepreneur, with emphasis on the role of women in business leadership and, specifically, in the Proptech sector.


Women have increased our presence in management positions in recent years. According to Spanish national statistics[1], the percentage of women in management positions in Spain during the last quarter of 2019 rose to 33.6%, the best figure in the last five years. However, there is still a long way to go.



It should not be an exception that a woman is in charge of a tech-based company. It’s my personal mission to encourage women to occupy technological and managerial positions and I believe that the best way to do this is by providing visible role models. One of the initiatives that I collaborate with in order to generate this visibility is called “Inspiring Girls[2], which aims at instilling self-confidence to girls, at an early age, so that they aspire high. I also try to set an example in my company Tiko (where more than half of the team is made up of women), in Google for Startups (where I am a mentor) or in the various forums where I have the opportunity to participate.



My own career path in the tech world comes from years ago. After more than six years in strategic consulting and launching Jobandtalent in Mexico, I wanted to take the opportunity to digitalize the Spanish real estate sector. We’re talking about the last big sector to leverage new technologies: real estate market has been the last sector to be digitized, so there are endless possibilities and opportunities and we want to take advantage of them.



Just as the real estate sector is changing with the use of technology, it must also do so in terms of gender equality. The time has come for women to lead our own projects. We must empower ourselves and our ideas. Besides, it is time to break the masculine tradition in real estate. We are showing the world that we are as capable as men in all terms. In addition, companies must anticipate and develop initiatives that foster women’s leadership, without having to wait for public initiatives.


Ana Villanueva
Co-Founder & CEO Iberia at Tiko



[1] Encuesta de Población Activa, Instituto Nacional de Estadística


[2] The video hub is one of the initiatives of Inspiring Girls; it aims at providing close role models that girls can identify with: https://videohub.inspiring-girls.com/en/videos / ana-villanueva-hortelano