Mayordomo Smart Point has reached an agreement with the leading real estate consultancy and services provider CBRE, to provide its clients with Mayordomo Smart Points. To begin with, the platform will be rolled out across the firm’s office buildings, but it may soon be expanded to other properties – including hotels, residential buildings and shopping centres – in order to reach a broader public.


Mayordomo Smart Point is the only technology on the market that offers its users a full suite of services and shopping options, as well as free delivery of personal packages. This agreement is a perfect example of the shared goal of both firms: to offer occupiers value-add via digital solutions, while also improving the user experience of their spaces.



Close to 150,000 occupiers across the offices managed by CBRE will now be able to enjoy the vast range of options offered by the Mayordomo smart lockers, which go far beyond package delivery and include services such as flower deliveries, MOT renewals, supermarket deliveries, laundry, dry-cleaning, mobile phone repairs, coffee capsules, stationery and pharmacy. The Mayordomo app allows occupiers to use any of these services and manage their orders and payments directly via the Smart Point lockers. It also provides maximum security for deliveries and provides a full suite of end user services in one single point, making it more convenient for occupiers of buildings managed by CBRE, while also saving companies time and space.


This agreement forms part of Mayordomo’s business growth strategy in Spain and Europe, where it is the only firm to offer smart locker points that are capable of receiving deliveries from all distributors.


For CBRE, this is yet another step forward in its commitment to digitally transform the real estate sector. CBRE was the first consultancy in Spain to create a specific area for creating this type of solutions (CBRE Proptech) dedicated to promoting and publicising solutions that offer clients tailored services and improve both the efficiency of processes and the interaction with services.


The benefits, the positive impact on work-life integration, and reduced administrative costs for property owners were the main reasons why CBRE chose Mayordomo as its tech partner.


“It is vital for us to be able to offer our occupiers convenient solutions. We firmly believe in the benefits that services such as Mayordomo can have in the workplace. Not only do they reduce costs by using space more efficiently, but they also improve the occupier experience in terms of receiving online orders”, said Carlos Casado, COO of CBRE Spain.


Casado added that “we may also expand this service to other properties such as shopping centres, student housing and apartments blocks, which would allow us to reach a broader public and offer benefits to other types of occupiers, potentially extending this partnership at the international level”.


Tomás Selva, CEO of Mayordomo Smart Point, said: “Mayordomo offers a fantastic range of benefits. We’ve calculated that thanks to our technology, office occupiers could save a total of more than 250,000 hours of time in running personal errands, equivalent to three days a year in work-life integration”.


He added that “Smart Points help companies to reach their sustainability targets, as each point reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 5.4 tonnes”.