Last Thursday, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya hosted the K2M Venture Session, entitled CBRE INNOVATION HUB, as part of the university’s UPC Innovation Ecosystems series.


Rubén Galcerán, CBRE’s Head of Office Intelligence, and Arturo Carballo, CBRE’s Innovation Manager | EMEA Digital Innovation, presented the Five Megatrends that are shaping the Real Estate sector, the largest sector in the world in terms of turnover.



Hyperconnected cities:

A significant percentage of the world’s population now live in the major cities across the globe, a percentage that is set to continue climbing and hit 66% by 2050.

The biggest challenge lies in how to design the spaces (gyms, workplaces, schools, etc.) in these cities where we spend most of our time. And what about mobility? How can we move around our big cities as efficiently as possible?


Space as a Service:

How do we measure the spaces where we spend our time? We need to create the spaces where we spend our time as if they were our homes, customising them and remembering that we only spend a short amount of time in each place.



We need a place that can attract the best and brightest professionals and create dynamic spaces where things happen. “At CBRE, we measure employee satisfaction in the workplace, just as we measure their productivity”, said Rubén Galcerán. He concluded that false promises are costly and as such, companies must set out very clearly defined talent retention policies.



Our most pressing concerns nowadays relate to the closure of shopping centres due to the rising force of e-commerce. “They are not on the verge of extinction, what happens inside these spaces is simply changing and moving beyond merely purchasing items or returning products bought online”, explained Arturo Carballo. The customer journey is evolving and shifting towards a higher leisure component. For example, pure players are increasingly opening bricks-and-mortar stores, combining their on- and offline channels (omnichannel retailing).


Building analytics:

Knowing how properties and people behave is now key. Why are some workspaces always free and others always occupied in a flexible office? Technology provides the answers to questions like this and can help us to measure and adapt our spaces to suit occupier needs.



Lastly, Rubén Galcerán and Arturo presented CBRE’s Proptech Challenge, the first European challenge that aims to revolutionise the Real Estate sector. If you have a disruptive idea, then get involved! Candidates have until 20th November 2019 to sign up.