Your next office will be an app, here’s why

In a visionary article published in The Wall Street Journal on August 20, 2011, Marc Andreessen was stating that “Software [was] Eating the World” (read it here:“In many industries, new software ideas will result in the rise of new Silicon Valley-style start-ups that invade existing industries with impunity.” It’s amazing to see how clear the vision of the incoming disruption the author had, nearly ten years from now.


But this vision has now evolved to more, with the wide-spread access to technology. Convenience, the service economy and user centric models are changing our business forever. And that’s why next office will be an app.


Take the service economy: the now famous infographic representing Uber, AirBnB and Amazon as the winning challengers of Ford, Hilton or Walmart shows that there is more value, at scale for transaction business. Uber produce zero cars, AirBnB owns zero properties and Amazon is not producing any good (this is changing a bit) but they all control demand and supply.



We have entered the era of flex and convenience


Another common point between Uber, AirBnB, Amazon and other successful digital companies nowadays is that they are all:

– User centric

– App based

– Focusing on convenience


We are addicted to here and now.


Open the app, find your need, tap once, twice, you’re good to go. This behavior, repeated so many times every day by each of us, is spreading to all industries. If you don’t have an app you are not in business. If you can serve your customer within the hour, forget about it. We are addicted to here and now.


So what about the office? What about Real Estate? Here come the

PropTech trend and new software-based solutions that are changing the way we think and live the office.

– User centric = what people need

– App Based = direct access to my needs

– Convenience = easy, instant answer to my request


Flex and convenient office? There is an app for that


For coworkers, this means providing an easy and instant access to all services within the office building. Host new app solution offered by CBRE aims to answer this challenge.


Still, professionals in the next 5 years will be remote. Studies shows we will spend at least 50% of our time out of our office. It means we need comfortable, professional workplace where and when we need it. As an alternative to home office, as a complement in a daily business trip or an extension to our network of office worldwide.


Open the app, find the best place to work near you now, select, book, work. That is the vision we have with And this is why your next office will be an app.


The center-stage of your workplace needs, supplying you with a perfect desk on-demand be it within your corporate offices or through our curated network of workplaces. As Uber does it for mobility, and AirBnB for hospitality.


For R.E. players, it’s a chance to learn from pervious market dynamics from others industries, adapt, and provide additional value and services through technology. For start-ups and innovators, it’s another opportunity to prove Marc Andreessen was right all along.


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Julien Palier

Cofounder & CEO –

Julien is a former journalist with more than 15 years of experience in Media and Tech industries. Before founding Daysk, he has been producing TV shows, launching internet ventures or helping companies develop their innovation strategies. He’s an enthusiast of remote work and has been working since 2016 to help people be productive anywhere. Julien holds an MBA from IESE Business School.


If he is not promoting flex work policies, you’ll probably find him wandering around a museum or running an half marathon.