Today, disruption is the new normality. Technology is accelerating and changing the way people interact with objects, houses, buildings, offices and commercial spaces. This is not a “If it’s going to happen”, nor a “when is it going to happen”. Is already happening. And real estate is one of the first sectors facing the challenge of technological transformation.


Startups have a key role in business innovation, because they allow agility in the implementation of new solutions. The blend of innovation innovative and disruptive ideas with companies’ know-how, we can get three benefits: winning solutions for consumers/users, innovative companies and profitable startups. Yes, this is one of the wonders of Open Innovation in real estate: it’s a two-way road where everybody wins!




Proptech Challenge was born with this very purpose: CBRE is committed to find the best ideas and the most innovative talents seeking out digital talent capable of revolutionising the world of real estate via innovative and disruptive ideas. CBRE will also help to create unique solutions to key players, that can impact real estate market and society in general.


Until November 20th, your idea or startup – whatever the stage – can start a new journey. And it takes only 30 minutes to be a game changer in real estate and retail. All applications may be submitted on Proptech Challenge site.


Candidates can enter the competition individually or as a startup. The two contest categories are the Idea Award and the Startup Award. The winners will count on the team’s know-how and guidance, as well as receive a monetary prize – 20.000 euros in the StartUp category and 10.000 euros in the Idea category. But, most of all, we’ll meet your innovative solution. You can change the world.



Duarte Cardoso Ferreira –  Director, Building Consultancy Services CBRE