The discussion forums were held in Vigo on Thursday and in Ourense on Friday. Both events were organised by the Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia in collaboration with ABANCA. On both days, I had half an hour to talk about technology’s impact on the residential sector. I tried to do something different, looking at the reservations that developers have when it comes to embracing digitalisation. Once we had identified the barriers that exist, I showed them the advantages that each type of technology can bring to each phase of the residential property cycle. We broke it down into: phase of the cycle – applicable technology – business models that arise and advantages for the developer if they apply this digital solution. It was a dynamic presentation and they enjoyed it.



On Thursday in Vigo, we invited a group of startups to join me, and at the round table, we discussed the advantages that each of them brings: Juancho Arregui from BrickFunding, Pablo López from Creatiblock, Bernardo Lopez from Spotahome, Miguel Fernandez from dotGIS and Pablo M. Campos Beneite from Beneite Inversiones Inmobiliarias.



The event on Friday in Ourense was organised along with the Ourense Provincial Council and INORDE, in collaboration with the Ourense City Council. We analysed the real estate sector’s future and how PropTech can boost its digital transformation (specific technology for different areas within the sector). I was joined by Diego Esquer Rufilanchas, Galicia’s delegate for GESVALT, and Pablo M. Campos Beneite, a partner at Beneite Inversiones Inmobiliarias



Tomás Sánchez Colomer –  Director Residential Intelligence CBRE España