Here at CBRE, we are leading the way in the digital transformation of Real Estate, and pioneering the areas of Innovation, Retail Intelligence, Technology and Data Analytics.


The world of retail is currently undergoing a sweeping transformation in which technological disruption is at the forefront and access to information does not constitute a competitive advantage in its own right. The real competitive advantage in this digital era, and what will help companies to thrive in the future, is being able to convert big data into useable data.


At CBRE, we are deeply committed to developing next-level solutions that draw on the numerous information sources within our reach, combining the leveraged data with our in-depth market knowledge to provide a unique and powerful tool that can aid companies with their strategic decision-making.


We firmly believe in technology, and that is why we are integrating it into our management model and tapping into all the potential that the digital world has to offer, including innovative solutions that can be directly applied to our clients’ business models throughout the entire property cycle



The Proptech Challenge allows us to uncover projects and innovative ideas that can be applied to the world of Real Estate.


There are no magical solutions, but the Proptech Challenge gives us the opportunity to work closely with the digital world, while giving small entrepreneurs access to a highly competitive market.


Examples of technology that offer significant added value for the Real Estate sector include the application of artificial intelligence, the use of blockchain technology, the integration of data into interactive dashboards and location analysis using Analytics tools which draw on an in-depth understanding of the consumer.


However, these tools must be developed gradually and applied correctly, and it is here where CBRE is able to ensure that projects offering outstanding added value are successfully executed thanks to its unrivalled experience and market know-how.





Oscar García Marín –  Director Nacional Retail Intelligence en CBRE