“Lololo | The Urban Benchmark was created to bring the trappings of urban design to the world of retail, with the aim of developing a scientific method to simulate the way that people behave depending on the layout of their city.


I started to develop this idea on my own in 2017, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I could connect it to the world of real estate.


I trained to be Architect, so real estate wasn’t completely foreign to me, but I wasn’t aware of the drive towards innovation caused by the onset of PROPTECH.


My chance to bring this idea to fruition came via the CBRE PROPTECH CHALLENGE. Ideas need a real-life context to really take shape. Preparing yourself for a challenge and going head-to-head with other projects is the first step towards this progression.


Winning the Disruptive Idea award at the CBRE PROPTECH CHALLENGE has allowed me to work with professionals who understand the demands of today’s real estate sector. They have helped me to finetune my abilities and turn my ideas into products that can create real innovation.


CBRE also benefits from a strong technical team, who are helping me to speed up developments, optimise processes and sharpen abilities, that would take a lot of time and money for an entrepreneur starting out on their own.


CBRE is committed to transforming the world of real estate, which is why it needs the best talent from a range of different spheres. So, it doesn’t matter what your background is, or what stage your project is at, taking part in a challenge like this is a great idea and an opportunity not to be missed.



alvaro lololo cbre

Álvaro Cosidó López, CBRE Business Analytics