Technological solutions to improve life in the office

If I had to choose just one technological innovation whose impact on our day-to-day will be far greater than we could ever imagine, I would have to go with Host


Host is a solution that was created in collaboration with Microsoft and that uses the IoT to enhance the employee experience. Among its many services, it allows you to reserve a meeting room, track down a colleague, or even order a coffee. Basically, it brings all the services that you might need together into one convenient place, making your day-to-day much easier and far more efficient – something which greatly appeals to all users.

Technology offers numerous solutions for the office. Take the space calculator, for example, which is able to work out approximately how much office space you need. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions regarding how many employees use the space and what type of activity they carry out. It also lets you quickly compare whether it would make more financial sense to lease an office or use a flexible workspace, among other options. This office solution is known as CALC.

Technology can also help us to improve employee mobility in terms of commutes. For example, on days when employees aren’t working from home, it can easily locate their colleagues or help them access and use all the services in and around the office (such as the cafeteria, smart parcel lockers, the pharmacy and dry cleaners).


While the rest of the market continues to rely on existing solutions, here at CBRE we are working on breakthrough technology that can help solve the new challenges of the office world today.


If you want to join the company that’s leading the way in tech solutions that will transform the real estate sector, simply get in touch. We’re looking for the most innovative techies and the most disruptive ideas out there. Come and take part in Europe’s first Proptech event, the CBRE Proptech Challenge. Accelerate and grow your project, and join the CBRE Proptech Community, home of open innovation and information exchange.





Rubén Galcerán, Head of Office Intelligence at CBRE